White: A Poem

I can go to the store on the corner
And grab myself a bite
And safely return home again…
And whether it’s wrong or right

It’s because I’m white

I can go for a run,
To blow off some steam
And I won’t get shot
My skin is the same as yours, you see

I’m white

I can pay with cash
Without so much as a thought
And leave the store without you
Calling the cops

Because I’m white

Won’t get shot in my bed
In the middle of the night
Because the cops made a mistake
And couldn’t get the address right

Because I’m white

There are no knees on my neck,
No bullets in my back
I know that to my family, I’ll make it back
And why?

Because I’m white

I’m the lucky one
Of that I’m aware
Because of the colour of my skin
I have no worries or cares

Because I’m white

But know this my brothers and sisters
I join you in your fight
And I won’t stop fighting until we make this right
And we all get treated fairly
Whether we be black or white

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